The Doss House Premium Small Bar The Rocks

Around The World Whisky Masterclass

Embark on a captivating around the world whiskey masterclass at The Doss House with one of our knowledgeable whiskey ambassadors. These experts will lead you on a thrilling journey that transcends borders and ignites your passion for the world of whiskey.

Perhaps you’ve never considered whiskey to be your drink of choice but allow our ambassadors to change your perspective. Their extensive knowledge spans a compendium of distilleries and their unique creations, offering you a personal tasting voyage that unveils the multifaceted flavours from across the globe.

During this 90-minute experience , you’ll be treated to a cheese platter that perfectly complements your whiskey adventure. So, whether you’re a seasoned whiskey connoisseur or a novice seeking to expand your palate, join us for the “Around the World Whiskey Masterclass” and discover the world of whiskey in a whole new light.


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History Through Whiskey

Step into the Den of the Doss House and journey through time with us. As you settle in, let the soft flicker of candles transport you to a bygone era, where stories were shared over a dram of fine whisky.

We’ve crafted a bespoke whisky event that will take you on a journey through the ages, with each sip unlocking a chapter of Sydney’s spirited heritage. Let our expert storyteller regale you with tales of The Doss House, The Rocks, and the colorful characters that once roamed these streets.

18+ only. For more information contact info@thedosshouse.com.au

The Doss House Premium Small Bar The Rocks